Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge
milk chocolate Marquise, coconut sorbet,
coffee Chantilly, espresso caramel

Goat Cheese Cheesecake
guava gelée, lemon curd,
guava sorbet, ginger streusel

Hot Soufflé
roasted French chestnut soufflé, Port wine poached pear sorbet, dark chocolate and chestnut ganache

delicate yogurt semifreddo, fresh pomegranate sorbet,
toasted pistachio and sesame halvah

black currant, apple cider and buttermilk sorbets,
spiced chiffon cake

Madeira Tasting
Verdelho – Bual – Malmsey
each paired with petit sweets
20.00 supp.

Cheese Plate
Murray’s Cave ‘Brebis Noir’ (pasteurized sheep’s milk)
Cricket Creek Farm ‘Maggie’s Round’ (raw cow’s milk)
Cabot Creamery ‘Clothbound Cheddar’ (pasteurized cow’s milk)
Jasper Hill ‘Bayley Hazen Blue’ (raw cow’s milk)
Consider Bardwell ‘Manchester’ (raw goat’s milk)
20.00 supp.

An  assortment of traditional fresh ice cream and sorbet is available on request
All desserts are prepared with gluten- free ingredients